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Two Exit a Poem

we walked apart, for the most part,
rarely hand in hand,
in separate lanes, using different guides,
only one foot of four
ever touching the ground,
making it odd
that we step on each other’s toes
when we never danced closely.

we never danced closely.

Density and the Small

The density of saplings

around mature trees

obscures my view

and creates a metaphor

I neither like nor seek.

For I am inclined to trim my forest

and discard the spindly,

open a vista,

like Capability Brown.


Were she alive, my Mother would liken

the young trees to small and unnamed fish

added to coubouillon

to thicken the roux,

purposeful only as starters for

fires in the belly,

alive to be others’ ideas, plans, and tastes.


Best laid plans are important,

are they not?

How else can the concealed be appreciated and enjoyed

when nature is so random,

and growth is unstinted

and the broth has thickened

and only the small have

a view.

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