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The ocean’s breath
becomes my own,

the tide reaches
and withdraws.
The end will come,
for certain,
it will come.

The beginning,
now? or soon?



Begin again

It is Calving Season

It is calving season

on the glacial field,

with groaning, writhing,

and violent births.

How massive, spectacular, and horrible.

it is

when landscapes are altered

by newborn weight,

releasing floods,

that drown

fault lines, failed lines,

sons and daughters

of the living God,

witnesses to

calving season

on the glacial field.

How massive, spectacular, and horrible

it is.

Mildewed Metaphors

flowers and snow drifts,
the sun and the moon,
mildewing metaphors
for heart and grave,
irresistible to poets,
shameless scribes that we be
for timeless reassurance.
Please, read them
to me.

On Rattling On

Chatter, blather, blabber, ramble,
prattle, jabber, waffle, drone.

Deliver us from all this noise, dear Lord.
Relieve us from those who are loud, and constant.
Summon earnest conversations,
and ideas
nuanced and elegant,
polished, complex.

Grant us relief from the noise, if you please,
provide us with something to dream by,
something extraordinary, something profound,
a hopeful swelling, blossoming and real.

Deliver us from the noise of the loud, dear Lord,
with deep exchanges among friends
often in silence.

Sorceress of Shadow Land

I am as powerful as the sun,
shaping day and night
with license
to menace,
or charm you,
the concert master of mood,

I can
throw light on mere bodies
to uncover spirits,
or more,
distributing breadth and depth,

I am an artist with a brush.
I am as powerful as the sun.

Still Lives, No More

Still Lives, No More

I Have Slept Too Long

I have slept too long,
and my eyes
will not focus.
I am not myself,
and I will,
no doubt,
be cranky,
for a while. No doubt.

Odd how
shallow dreams after dawn
steal the next.

I could easily
return to my bed,
and restart
disquieting plays,
performed by the familiar
who act not as I know them,
who will leave me quite cranky,
not myself,
for a while.

Shallow daybreaks
steal the next.

No doubt.

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